Direct Sales,
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Gone are the days of paying for idle servers! Effortlessly scale to meet the demand of your distributors and customers.

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We manage your site traffic by dynamically scaling to meet demand - saving you money and headache.


Bring tools and features to your field that will set you apart and help you build and keep momentum in your business.


Gain insights into your commission plan and drive the results that you want.

Our satisfied partners say

I've been very impressed with how quickly Hexly has been able to jump in and make a difference for my company.

Mike Carlson

CEO & Co-Founder // Green HoriZen

The team at Hexly is amazing. Not only are they extremely talented, but they are also excellent to work with.

Nathan Guest

President & Co-Founder // Rave VIP

How it works


Backed by the cloud, our serverless architecture allows Hexly's platform to provide greater scalability and quicker time to release—all at a reduced cost so you can run mean and lean.

Comp Engine

Our comp engine allows you to get into the details so that you and your sales field understand commission earnings.


Our platform supports your sales field with a custom backoffice experience and an integrated e-commerce replicated site experience. Everything you need to run your direct sales company out of the box.